Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Individual Software Development

At ALCOLM we pride ourselves on our robust individual software development.  Our software development services are developed to ensure that client demands are all met to build prodigious web and desktop applications using our team’s extensive technical expertise. A well maintained web and desktop with quality content targeting the needs of your consumers can provide significant value and endeavour considerate opportunities.


Mobile App Development

We excel as a company on the platform for app development for both IOS and android. Whether for professional or social use we can provide apps so that you are always in the know for your business needs. Our team has mass experience both business and technical across the mobile system and software platforms to provide not only a fantastic mobile app but most importantly to provide a solution to a problem and to market effectively to your consumer in a much more efficient way.

E- Business

E-business is one of the most prominent tools to achieve the fullest of both yourself and your business. We can offer you aid to operate your business through the internet and give you excellent opportunities to enter the market. Whether it be the use of a website homepage, web shop or portal; we can ensure you promotion of your business, sales on your product.

IT consulting

Driving IT Consulting to help you achieve all your business objectives is another one of our main focuses. From strategic planning to information management, we can help you gain the best of your IT systems. We also offer Cloud Management allowing you to proactively monitor and manage all your business credentials, all from a web browser without the need of any third party intrusion. Our IT consulting allows you to save time on resolving IT issues – simply and securely.


Our business IT integration strategies are used to examine and implement necessary changes to ensure you have the best out of your IT system. Our integration allows us to analyse your company operations and find ways to integrate processes to save the company time and money through IT. Integration helps to align cheaper prefigured components to achieve business goals in the most cost effective way.


quality is our passion.


Flexibility is our Philosophy.

Flexibility means Agility in Software Development.


No matter how complex your business questions, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.


We can find affordable and efficient way to improve IT service reliability for your company