Alcolm Logistics Platform Carrier

Alcolm Logistics Platform Carrier

Increased efficiency and cost savings through automated and digitized processes.

alcolm logistic platform

Global vehicle logistics
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The Alcolm Logistics Platform provides comprehensive control and overview of your vehicle logistics. With our user-friendly interface, you can track vehicles, plan routes and manage transport orders. In addition, our integrable API enables a seamless connection to your existing systems.

Speed and modernity

Fast & efficient

Our solutions are designed with the latest technology to meet the demands of today's fast-paced industry. We provide a fast, smooth and intuitive user interface that allows you to create, manage and edit loads quickly and easily.


Workflows & Requirements

We know that it is extremely important for transport companies to comply with all laws. Our solutions help you develop compliance workflows and ensure that all compliance requirements are met. This also ensures that all legal regulations are complied with and that their work processes are legally compliant.

Driver app

Everything at a glance

With our easy-to-use driver app, drivers can confirm starting and unloading the vehicle directly and upload important documents quickly and easily. The app also offers features such as GPS tracking to track delivery progress in real time and an e-signature function to facilitate document delivery

alcolm logistic platform

Intelligent vehicle logistics

Optimize transport processes for maximum efficiency and transparency - take control with our powerful solution.

Swiss Cloud

Our solution is hosted on a secure Swiss cloud that offers the highest security standards. Thus, your data is safe and you have access to it at any time.


Our solution always provides a clear overview of all shipping processes. You can track the progress of jobs in real time and improve communication within your organization by keeping everyone involved in the process informed.


Our open API provides easy integration with other solutions and automates data exchange between different systems. You can seamlessly exchange data between our solution and other systems, saving time and drastically minimizing errors.

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