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Alcolm Business Software is a cloud-based solution designed to boost business efficiency with customizable modules for document management and role-based access control. It features centralized administration, data security with Swiss cloud storage, and an intuitive interface. Additional features include premium support and a mobile app for seamless time tracking and customer management.

Preconfigured software for five industries

Garage & Workshop

Construction & Trade

Trust & Office

Cleaning & Moving

Vehicle Logistics

Alcolm Logistics Platform​

The Alcolm Logistics Platform is a comprehensive cloud-based solution designed to enhance efficiency and transparency in vehicle logistics. It offers real-time tracking, customizable process management, and robust supplier management, all within a multilingual interface. Compatible with multiple operating systems, this platform centralizes logistics operations, allowing seamless tracking and control from any location.

Optimize your transport processes and improve operational oversight with Alcolm's innovative logistics technology.

Alcolm Logistics Platform​ Carrier​

The Alcolm Logistics Platform Carrier - ALPC is a software solution designed specifically for managing the transport of vehicles. This platform provides a comprehensive suite of features that streamline the entire logistics process, from load planning to reporting and analytics. Our solution is tailored to meet the complex needs of the automotive transport industry, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and security at every step​

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